• 1 - Main View

    Main View

  • 2 - Cutout Detail

    Sluggo and The Hand

  • 3 - Cutout Detail

    Sel and The Ship

  • 4 - Closed

    The Stage Is Closed

  • 5 - Schedule Signpost

    The Program

  • 6 -Zambo

    Interdimensional Zombie

  • 7 - Eclipse

    The Eclipse

  • 8 - DJ Booth Facade

    The Lizard King

  • 9 - Kazow Liquid Incense

    Kazow Liquid Incense

  • 10 - Night

    Foggy Night
    Model: Bill Spencer

  • 11 - Mailbox


  • 12 - Souvenir Wreath

    Souvenir Wreath
    Model: Geoffrey LaRue

Cum Inside (2018)

Cum Inside was a multimedia installation piece presented at the 2018 Honcho Summer Campout as a travel-version of the cabaret I present in Detroit (Suck It), which was intended to pull festival goers out of a Pennsylvania wood and onto another planet. The first evening was themed around experimental music and ended with me scrubbing paint off the side of the pavilion (not pictured). The second evening was an exclusive disco where anyone could go around the door but in order to go through the door, one absolutely had to be on the list. Our fake door-person checked bags, stamped hands, and ate apples. Accessories were hidden in a mailbox with the flag up so people would know there was something in there.

Special thanks to Ian Clark, Corey Ring, Romullo Lima, Suko Quan, and John Javins for their assistance in helping me to realize this fantasy.